DIY self pickup

Following the example of rental workshops, the buyer manufactures the house segments himself in the workshop. The house is then driven to the building site segment by segment.

The transport is carried out with a special trailer and a towing vehicle that is allowed to pull 3,500 kg. A B+E driver's license is required for this. An existing B driver's license can be upgraded to a B+E driver's license with little effort.

Any mix between DIY self pickup and turnkey is possible.

  Comprehensive study material

. Until the first DIY self pickups come to us, the plan is to make videos and documentation about each production process.

  Various settings

When it comes to consuming, you are great. After only 5 days of high-speed boiling course empowered to plunge from mountains hanging from a piece of cloth. One mistake can end in death or a wheelchair. Never mind, you have the perfect training to make the right split-second decision in any conceivable flight situation.

However, as soon as it comes to doing your own work, you are the most incompetent something imaginable. Construction defects are virtually guaranteed with your incompetence.

At least, that's what people are trying to get people to believe. You can do anything if you have to pay for it, you can do nothing if it saves you money. You must become aware of this indoctrination.

When you were a child, you played, everything was just play. Today you have to divide everything into work and leisure. In your free time, you get to visit all of Europe in 3 weeks, slide down ski slopes from dawn to dusk for weeks on end. In your free time, you get to spend a lot of money on sports equipment and risk your life. The 100 hp motorcycle around 20,000 EUR, "no risk, no fun".

But as soon as it comes to work, you have to make profitability calculations: The construction worker costs per hour, you could earn that much with overtime. The construction worker has that much more practice and is therefore percent faster.

Have you ever heard of an avid mountaineer who calculated that it would be much cheaper to have a Sherpa climb Mount Everest instead of climbing the mountain himself?

"It only costs 500 EUR to have a Sherpa climb to the top, even climbing Mount Everest would have cost over a hundred times more".

Wow, that must have been a great mountain experience!

  Key skill on resume

A GEMINI home self-built on your resume signals courage, determination, the ability to learn new things and apply them as well. Whatever your profession, it marks you as a person who can be trusted with big tasks.

Think of construction as something like a thesis, master's exam, or doctoral dissertation, something that will significantly shape your future life.

  The ultimate adventure vacation

Configurator for GEMINI next generation house
Configure your future home from empty house to fully equipped with furniture, heated garage, ice and snow free sidewalks and driveway.

Example of room design
360° panoramic tour and individual shots of each room. The living room is shown in 3 different states, from full size to left and right a children's room.

Size of the house, design of the north and south sides.
The standard version can be expanded to XL and XXL. Choose the surfaces for the outer walls for the range up to mm in height and up to the roof.

Floor coverings, wall coverings and furniture
There will soon be options to choose from here.

Carport or heated garage
A heated garage can reduce the power demand of electric cars and increase the available range in winter. It is supplied via the house's heating system.

What else comes to the property besides house and parking spaces
Keeping walkways and driveways free of ice and snow, a garden fence that generates electricity, gazebo, swimming pool. Systems with heat requirements are supplied by the house.


Why is the bill split? What is a DIY self pickup? Much about our project is unusual, here we answer the questions about it.

Private - private share
The total bill is divided into part private for residential purposes and part energy as commercial. This brings advantages in the affordability of home ownership.

Energy - commercial enterprise for energy production
The energy system of the house is in most cases registered as an VAT deductible business. The VAT refers to Austria.

Schlüsselfertig bis zu komplett fertig zum Bewohnen
As chosen by you from unfurnished to all furniture, the house is handed over at the building site. Any mix between DIY self pickup and turnkey is possible.

Integrated furniture
For better hygiene, cleanliness and better soundproofing between rooms, some furniture is integrated into the structure of the house.

          DIY self pickup: Following the example of rental workshops, the buyer manufactures the house segments himself in the workshop. The house is then driven to the building site segment by segment.