Integrated furniture

For better hygiene, cleanliness and better soundproofing between rooms, some furniture is integrated into the structure of the house.

Normally there is a wall, a few millimetres of space and then comes the back wall of a cupboard. What accumulates there between the wall and the back wall of the piece of furniture over the years is usually only noticed when the furniture is moved.

In integrated furniture, the wall is made of a material suitable for the interior of furniture. This eliminates the need for the furniture back panel and especially the gap between the wall and the furniture back panel. Since this gap does not exist, dirt cannot accumulate in it.

With floor-to-ceiling integrated cabinets, regular cleaning of the surface is also unnecessary. Where there is no surface, no dust can collect either.

  Better sound insulation

Room-high integrated chests also serve for even more sound insulation between the living room and the bedroom.

Configurator for GEMINI next generation house
Configure your future home from empty house to fully equipped with furniture, heated garage, ice and snow free sidewalks and driveway.

Example of room design
360° panoramic tour and individual shots of each room. The living room is shown in 3 different states, from full size to left and right a children's room.

Size of the house, design of the north and south sides.
The standard version can be expanded to XL and XXL. Choose the surfaces for the outer walls for the range up to mm in height and up to the roof.

Floor coverings, wall coverings and furniture
There will soon be options to choose from here.

Carport or heated garage
A heated garage can reduce the power demand of electric cars and increase the available range in winter. It is supplied via the house's heating system.

What else comes to the property besides house and parking spaces
Keeping walkways and driveways free of ice and snow, a garden fence that generates electricity, gazebo, swimming pool. Systems with heat requirements are supplied by the house.


Why is the bill split? What is a DIY self pickup? Much about our project is unusual, here we answer the questions about it.

Private - private share
The total bill is divided into part private for residential purposes and part energy as commercial. This brings advantages in the affordability of home ownership.

Energy - commercial enterprise for energy production
The energy system of the house is in most cases registered as an VAT deductible business. The VAT refers to Austria.

DIY self pickup
Following the example of rental workshops, the buyer manufactures the house segments himself in the workshop. The house is then driven to the building site segment by segment.

Schlüsselfertig bis zu komplett fertig zum Bewohnen
As chosen by you from unfurnished to all furniture, the house is handed over at the building site. Any mix between DIY self pickup and turnkey is possible.

          Integrated furniture: For better hygiene, cleanliness and better soundproofing between rooms, some furniture is integrated into the structure of the house.